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The Trioh!

Keep Your Flashlight Where You Can See It

If you're like most people, you keep your flashlight hidden away. Maybe it's in a drawer, or a toolbox, or under the bed. The Trioh! was born out of the thinking that if flashlights were simply more attractive, then they might be kept out in the open where they would be more accessible when you need them. Like when the power goes out.

The Trioh! is designed to be displayed, making it instantly more useful. No more searching for the flashlight when you need it.

The Trioh! consists of a flashlight and a charging base. Together, they look great anywhere in your home. You'll always have a place for your flashlight and you'll know right where it is.

And because you keep the base plugged into an outlet, the Trioh! will always be fully charged when you need it.


3 Lights in 1


Simply remove the Trioh! from its base anytime you need a flashlight. With three bright LEDs the Trioh! will light the way.


Accent Light

With a twist of the lens, all the light is contained in the diffuser and the Trioh! becomes a beautiful accent light, on or off the base.


Emergency Light

When the power goes out, the Trioh! automatically turns on. No more fumbling in the dark to find your flashlight.





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